Sunday, May 2, 2010

Love Note to Texas.

My beautiful brother with whom one time, along with my father in heaven measured 100 straight lines to map the winding banks of a flowing river, is counting birds today in Texas. It's a 24 hour day for bragging rights of the beak geeks. Me, I was sitting in a garden in France eating and drinking on a beautiful day looking at the sky and each bird that passed. I was staring at the sky for it's population of birds that all wore his face.

He's an imitation texan, like I'm an imitation frenchman. I was happy to pass the day with him. It was him who activated the little palm tree that stood behind me while I sat there sitting in the sun after the coffee with a small glass of Mirabel in hand. With each breeze, it literally kept me turning my head with it's noise of a flock of birds taking flight. I got excited with the thought 'oh - goldmine' and laughed with his joy in a victory of a senseless and pure competition.

C'etait tres bon, texas inhabiting the south of france.


  1. Nothing relevant really Damien - just good to read you and better too to meet you!


  2. Did he eat a steak after ?