Thursday, February 12, 2009

Be brief. V/14

We go up and down the rows. Each day the swath grows larger until one day we are finished. Then we move on.

Like the weather, today there was everything. Weather of all sorts, the leitmotif was the wind. It just kept coming, hard, cold, non stop. There was sun and then clouds and then more sun. The jackets came off and the jackets went back on. Over and over. Hot, cold, and always the wind. Loud, biting. It’s a strange mix with the full sun.

I woke up from my nap hot. My car was like a little green house protected from the north wind and baking in the sun. Five minutes later it was snowing. I saw it come in from just up the road. Wild. A little storm. full of angry dark clouds sneaking down from the mountain ridge and moving through the colline. It was coming right towards me. The wind was screaming and the little storm was moving at a good clip even though it looked heavy with moisture. I could see the sun disappearing on the ground as it advanced. It was isolated but intense.

The sun was still shining just until the rain, hail, snow fell. It came with an advanced guard of small rainbows. There was one that I saw advance through the field in front of me. Literally a light beam of color sweeping across the ground. It was a like a little personal storm to wake up by. It wasn't even big enough to darken the surrounding hills.

When the rainbow advanced to within a hundred yards of me the wind stopped dead for a moment. Then the rainbow went out and the tiny hail hit, the wind recommenced with full force, and the snow fell. For two or three minutes it came down like crazy and then it stopped and the sun was back out within a minute or two. Intense.

I watched the dark little storm drop a glimmering white light below it as the little storm moved across the valley. The wind continued, we continued. Little by little we advance. They say that little steps make the great voyage, but we just go back and forth. Like a day in the cab, no matter how far you drive, you end up in the same place as you started. In the meantime there are naps in the car and violent storms.

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