Monday, May 2, 2011

Just to Prove I'm Alive, I Will Send Out a Missive...

Just to prove I'm alive, I will send out a missive...

Contemporary news... forget Japan, forget Libya, forget your inherent bonheur, Osama is Dead.
The word is out and the crowd is cheering the news! It's shaping up to be the happiest news since the great wall of iron rusted down when I was a boy.

Luckily I had my rendez-vous already in place at the U.S. embassy in Marseille to renew the kids passports. Worldwide heightened security and all. It's the last time they will need me to be present with them. It's times like this we are happy to be together. Marseille - the ancient port of shakanary and the American embassy that's been doing business there for some two hundred years. It's always a fun time, though with everyone at serious giddy level red it may be less so if they want to get technical about the photographs I've got (I took them at a photo booth for 3 bucks in lieu of the 20 buck official photographer), or then again more so (if they have a military helicopter hovering overhead, or even stationed on the top of the building).

Official government channels, they are our only remaining religious liturgy. Mysterious and exciting, damning or joy giving, they have it all. Or should I say they HAD it all. It seems like no one likes it visceral anymore. I mean, what's up with Osama Bin Laden. Will we see Osama dead, or do we just have to take the bosses word. Old school government channels had it we paraded the body through the streets. I realize we are civilized now but at least give us some blurry night vision navy seal helmet-cam video of the raid.

It seems like we are giving up everything and getting nothing back, it's so Vatican II. We are getting nothing. This story about throwing the body into the sea and all, how about at least a shot of that. The Heroic Seal with the corpus corporis at the door of the helicopter. The dead body shot would give a nice sort of closure to this whole disheartening chapter in the Al Queda story which is threatening to run longer then the entire Star Wars saga.

In any case, after cutting back the vines all winter, they have started growing again and are now demanding more cutbacks, so after the big day today with Osama literally dis-appearing, and the high security trip to Marseille tomorrow, it's back to the vines Wednesday. I thank Big Daddy for that, plants growing is the only old time religion I can get these days.

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  1. Off to renew one of the little ladies' passport in a couple of weeks. Can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to that..... Glad to hear you survived the process!