Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hey look up!

As if the endless land-based cameras weren't enough... a 'breaking' story in todays news.

" An MQ-9 Predator B, [a.k.a. Reaper] an Unmaned Aircraft System, at a ceremony to celebrate the authorization from the FAA to use the aircraft to patrol the Texas-Mexico land border, Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2010, in Corpus Christi, Texas."

It seems to be news of a breaking nature, at least if you look at the date.

Missing from the headlines, or even the story -

The United States Homeland Security initially ordered one Reaper for border patrol duty, (referred to as MQ-9 CBP-101). It began operations 4 October 2005, but on 25 April 2006, this aircraft crashed in the Arizona desert.

A second Reaper, called "CBP-104", was delivered in September 2006, and commenced limited border protection operations on 18 October 2006.

There is no mention either of Project CHLOE - a research and development program of the Department of Homeland Security which (according to the DHS) has three objectives.

The third objective is to integrate unmanned planes into the air traffic control system and other law enforcement agencies for overall situational awareness. Security at any price you say?

price per plane: 10.5 million with sensors... or... four aircraft, four ground stations and five years of maintenance support, all valued at US$330 million.

But don't worry about spending your money just for someone to watch over others from above, there is sure to be one COMING SOON TO YOUR TOWN!


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