Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It sets in. V/2

There was no rain today. I worked thursday and friday last week, then had the weekend off. After work last night (yes it was only monday) I was already begging for rain. It was like a kid who goes to sleep amidst blizzard warnings and wakes up to wet roads, grey skies and school as usual. The shear folly of this stint in the vines has set in. Today the football field sized vine is just about half finished being trimmed back. There lay in wait at least ten more terrains to do after this one.

I was talking with the wife of the vigneron, she was working in the vines with me. For a moment we paused when we reached the end of a row. She looked back at all the neatly shorn souche we had just put in order. It was one more on the side of the finished. 'It seems to be going faster this year' she said. I looked at her strangely, which usually means I don't understand her local french words, which sometimes slide by me. I did understand the words but couldn't comprehend fwhy she would say that. So she added ‘we finished april 20 last year’. I said ‘yeah, that seems about right’. I can vaguely remember because I had scheduled a voyage for the end of april and I was getting nervous about making it. 'I always think we won't get it done, but we do'

When she said that I thought, how do I do it. That's assuming I forget the fact that I have to do it. It’s part of my romantic myth that I have some money in my pocket. But a myth doesn’t ever take stock of daily aches and pains. None the less I have to keep selling, and buying my myth to keep myself going. My body is already broken. So is my budget. I just keep at it.

I couldn’t help wonder what happens if my pockets are empty and my body can’t do it. A bit of misery is good on any resume, but the people who are interviewing you don’t want to see that it’s the first and last position you’ve held. Like math though, it's a subject I don't want to go to deep into.

My body, it’s working. I am working. In between I eat, sleep, and prepare for tomorrow. Mmm tomorrow, another whole day. I can do it. Tomorrow.

Happy says listen, perhaps the vines might be saying something. I think why not, it goes with the myth I want to tell myself. I mean just speaking practically, who could look away from 'vine listener' on a resumé.

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