Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Return p.1 - Back to Business

I just dropped back into my other worldly existence. The skies were full of sun, blue. It seemed the sea was too. Some pink flamingo’s just off the shore then immediately, the runway. Boom. We landed and with that this life lived temporarily began again in earnest.

The immediate idea is the paperwork, grab on to the social security net and let that support me awhile. In the meantime I can find some menial labor here or there to fill the holes that are inherent in every net no matter how finely they may be stitched. Luckily France has as finely stitched a net as perhaps anywhere in the world. They lay it out for everyone, even for the likes of me.

The work though is to weave yourself through the multitudinous layers of official levels that string this net together. Each bureau, consulate, minister, society or administration has its own degree of superfluous weight that it is forced to carry just so that it can seem more necessary, official, and weighty than the actual sum of its functions. It leads to much bluster and confusion. My terrible accent though sparking curiosity, doesn't help any and I am passed around like a joint at Woodstock.

I need to get to the Assedic, the Caf. the MSA, the CCAS. You see I need to sign up for the RMI, CMU, perhaps HLM or any other allocations that will keep me from becoming an SDF.


  1. Like a joint at woodstock or a new baby at a dinner party - everyone wants a little piece of your sweetness in their life.

  2. check out part two - oh, oh, oh sweet like a sweaty public aid assistant